How to change margins in Google Docs

How to change margins in Google Docs

Every new Google Doc comes with a standard set of margins. However, these margins are not always appropriate and can cause some odd formatting errors. You might not pay attention when writing, but once you press the print button, you might be surprised. Here’s how to change margins in Google Docs to clean your pages.

Luckily, this is a fairly easy process. There are several ways to get the job done – one that gives you control over all four margins and the other for left and right. Open your Google Doc and let’s start a business!

How to change margins in Google Docs:
Method one: Change the left and right margins

You can usually get away with changing only two margins. If not, you can cut the header and footer only.

1. Open the ruler under the toolbar in Google Docs. This is where we will do all our work.


2. Pay attention to the blue arrows on both sides of your document and also the blue rectangle on the left side. This is what we will use to control margins. Here is what each button does:

  • Blue triangle – This is the left and right indentation. We will use this arrow to adjust margins for all documents.
  • Blue square – This is the first line indent. It only adjusts to the first line of text, similar to tab buttons that can be adjusted.


3. Select the first line of your paragraph and then click and drag the blue rectangle. You will only see the first row shift to the right. Use the ruler at the top to measure your indentation.


4. Now take the blue triangles on both the left and right sides. Drag them to each other, but keep in mind that even margins look cleaner. Also remember that you must highlight the text that you want to indent.


That’s all that’s needed to change margins in Google Docs using the toolbar.

Method two: Change all four margins

Changing all four margins can be the easiest solution if you don’t have a header or footer. It takes a little longer, but you also have more control.

1. Start by opening the File tab and scrolling down to the Page settings option.


2. In the popup menu, see all options to adjust page orientation, size, and even color. We are more interested in the text box on the right – the box labeled Margin (inches).


3. Adjust the text box to your liking, but keep in mind that adjusting the opposite side is the best way to maintain your document’s events.


4. When you are ready, press the OK button to apply your changes!


Now you have two different ways to change margins on Google Docs! There is much more to learn when mastering Google Drive.

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